Frequently Asked Questions about Sales

How much is my property worth?


In general, the value of a property can be calculated by multiplying its commercial area by the square meter price according to the corresponding merit coefficients. In our case, to obtain indicative values for the assessment of your property, we use various real estate market analyses, taking into account the property's characteristics and recent sales in the area where it is located.

How long does it take to sell my property?


This is one of the questions that real estate agents are most frequently asked, and as you can easily imagine, there is no single answer. Selling a property, in fact, can take more or less time depending on various parameters: the more they align positively, the easier and faster the sale will be.

How can I entrust you with the sale of my property?


If you are interested in selling a property in Palermo and the surrounding area, even if it needs maintenance or consolidation work, contact us by phone or email, and we will arrange an appointment on-site. During the meeting, you will also receive our commercial evaluation and agency conditions to formalize the sale.

What is the "Preliminary Sales Contract"?


The preliminary sales contract is the main contractual instrument with which those intending to buy or sell a property commit in writing, under penalty of nullity (an invalid contract has no effect), to do so. In other words, the parties commit or, more precisely, legally obligate themselves with binding effect to each other to alienate and acquire the property. This means that both parties to the contract, both the promissory seller, the property owner intending to sell, and the promissory buyer intending to purchase, assume the commitment or obligation, respectively, to sell and buy the house, and thus commit to signing a definitive sales contract, through which the transfer of ownership will take place.

What's the difference between a "Purchase Proposal" and a "Preliminary Sales Contract"?


The unilateral purchase proposal is a preparatory act aimed at "binding" the prospective buyer to their offer. Until the purchase proposal is accepted, it qualifies as a mere "pre-negotiation" act and is not subject to the obligation of registration. In the event that the purchase proposal is accepted by the promising seller, it qualifies as an actual preliminary contract, subject to all the requirements related to the latter: written form, content, anti-money laundering obligations of mediators and professionals, possible surety obligations, mandatory registration, etc.

What is the "Confirmatory Deposit"?


The confirmatory deposit is a "legal instrument" provided by the civil code, a real commitment to honor the contractual conditions. If the buyer, after paying the deposit, no longer intends to complete the purchase, they lose the amount paid, and the seller can retain the amount received while remaining the property owner. Conversely, if the selling party, after receiving the confirmatory deposit, does not want or cannot complete the sale, they are obliged to refund the buying party an amount twice that received. Additionally, if the buying party is not satisfied with this payment, they can turn to the judicial authority and request specific performance of the stipulated preliminary contract.

What is the "Energy Performance Certificate" (A.P.E.)?


The Energy Performance Certificate (A.P.E.) is a document that is mandatory by law and essential for the sale and promotion of a property. It can only be prepared by qualified technicians in the region. The A.P.E. represents the "energy label" of the property: considering various parameters, not just structural ones, it indicates the energy consumption of the dwelling. It is presented through a numerical index in Kw/sqm and a letter from A to G, where G indicates the lower class (higher energy consumption), and A indicates the higher class (lower consumption). The document costs around 100 euros, including regional taxes and VAT.


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